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Herb Lindahl Piano Services

        Herb Lindahl
        344 Miller Rd
    South Windsor, CT
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Hello, My name is Herb Lindahl and I have been in the piano business for the past 30 years. The piano business has changed over the last 30 years and starting at an early age has enabled me to keep up on all the latest technological advancements. While a lot has changed, many of the mechanical fundamentals have stayed the same allowing me to perfect the fine art of piano tuning and restoration. The following should give you some insight as to who I am and why you should have trust in me for all your piano and player piano needs.
1973-1981: Worked for Joseph Meyers in Manchester CT. Here I began training in piano tuning, rebuilding and refinishing. Started player piano rebuilding in 1975. At this time, I began extensive research and training with area player technicians. I did much work on my own to establish historical rebuilding techniques, all while trying to maintain original material, glues, leather, and rubber coated cloth used by the makers of these instruments in the 1920's.
1982 to present: Joined the Piano Technicians Guild as a Registered Piano Technician. I have instructed at several local and National PTG seminars.
1984: Trained and worked with Chris Robinson at Acousticraft Inc., in South Windsor, CT. Here I helped assemble new soundboard and pinblock materials used in the remanufacture of fine grand pianos.
1981 to present: Own and operate a full time tuning, servicing, and rebuilding shop in South Windsor, CT. Here we specialize in the complete restoration of player pianos, both grand and uprights. Full player piano, reproducing piano and Nickelodeon restoration is available. I specialize in AMPICO and Duo Art Reproducing systems. Please contact me to help with all your piano needs.