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Electronic Player Systems

Reed Organs and More
QRS PNOmation II
The "Hunt" VirtualRoll System
can greatly enhance your music collection as rolls become obsolete, or you  are running out of room to store your collection.
Please visit VirtualRoll's website or contact me for more info. 
the piano as they can
listen to modern day artist's sing along with the piano.  There is something for everyone to enjoy!
Please visit QRS's website or contact me for more info.
We can install these systems in your piano!  And we service other systems as well. 
This system allows for the original beauty and function of your player piano to play rolls, but allows your piano to enter into the digital age  by allowing MIDI files to play on your piano.  This
This system can turn any upright or grand piano into a player piano.  Listen to your favorite pianist  play with a full orchestra in the background or get your children interested in