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Piano's For Sale
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Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand Piano

Price ~ $4,200

Mid 1920's Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano. This piano is an AMPICO Reproducing Player Piano. The mechanism is removed and stored for safekeeping. In the 1990's the piano section was restored with new strings, pins, hammers, dampers and a full rubbed finish. It sounds excellent and presents itself quite well. It can be played by hand, as well as having the potential of refitting the AMPICO mechanism.

Mason & Hamlin Model RA2 Reproducing Grand Piano with AMPICO model B mechanism

Price ~ $4,800

The piano is serial number 40219 built in 1930. The piano and cabinet are essentially original. The cabinet is a nice medium to dark mahogany color.
The piano section, strings, hammers, pin block, etc. all need full restoration, as does the AMPICO model B mechanism.